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Natural Beauty in Natural Light

Tandie [Tawn-dee] van den Berg is just a natural beaming light of carefree joy.  Originally at the studio space to execute a concept of a counter top beauty and her cup o' tea in the morning, we abandoned the first concept and got creative with the wardrobe she brought.  Typically we have had her in studio with an over-glammed boudoir look or a stylize boho editorial.  After actually knowing this young woman I decided that the REAL beauty of Tandie hadn't truly been captured by photographers, myself especially.  

On the balcony we let that cool slab create a slanted sliver of shadow in which I leaned her and then reflected light from a golden sunbounce at Tandie's feet.   Being lit from underneath, I brightened the eyes and forehead to rid the composition of unflattering shadow (what I call campfire lighting). 

This brilliant little combo of the lace shirt over the blue bra and modest but revealing short is exactly what I would imagine Tandie in during the moments with her man, enjoying the spryness of youth and carefree love without thought of consequence.   Her styling is spot on.  

We had some fun little toys from Flolight at Osei Bonsu Productions.  So, a la Peter Hurley, we set up a triangle of fluorescent lights and leaned her big beautiful smile into the lens and captured a few true moments like this.

When asked, she will reveal this uncanny flirtation in a moment that makes you melt.  Bashfulness subsided to the smile from those bee-stung lips with a simple blanket tossed over her shoulders like a shall.  The simplicity allows the subject to really shine through.

While these aren't a Maxim worthy gratuitously sexy collection of images, they ooze the essence of Tandie that is truly more inspiring and captivating than anything I can think of at the moment of uploading them.   


Thanks for checking out the 2nd 'official' blog of the new site!  I will TRY to stay on top of this with our wedding work and portraits. For now:  the metadata and hashtags!  

Tim and Tanya || As a second shooter, i get to focus on the guys

Being a part of the vendor team at this lovely union was an absolute dream.    An agency booked wedding, it was only a few hours I had to get to know this beautiful couple.  With the primary photographer with the bridal party through the day, I was free to focus on an often under appreciated aspect of the wedding:  The boys.   I will let the images tell the tale of this warm Fall day in Central Texas.   Enjoy!


More of this on the wedding page for you to review, and another great wedding in the books.   Thanks so much to Tim and the guys for playing along with all my ideas and concepts, and for the entire family union for being simply amazing!